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Ugandan Vanilla

In the heart of Africa, Uganda's rich soil provides the prefect place to grow some of the world's best vanilla beans. We created this beautiful creamy white bouquet to share the story of another Fair Trade success story, how Ugandan farmers have increased their income and raised their quality of life by growing Fair Trade Certified vanilla. The 1,200 farmer cooperative in Fort Portal, Uganda began in 1991 and now provides living wages, healthcare benefits, and community development to thousands on the local community, just like our Fair Trade flower farms in Ecuador.

Vanilla farmer Mbusa Joseph shared, "Fair trade is the best way for money to reach farmers directly instead of charity. Charity passes through so many hands before it reaches the people who need the help. But through fair trade, the money goes directly into the farmers' hands and has the greatest possible impact." Because all the roses in this vanilla bouquet are Fair Trade Certified, they will have a similar impact on floral farms, too!

Your bouquet will arrive bundled and ready for the recipient to arrange in their own special way. Your purchase includes a complimentary One World Flowers message card.